All students receive the following instruction using College to Career State Standards everyday...

  • 90 minutes of Integrated Language Arts
    • Resources utilized: HMH Collections and leveled novels
    • Daily small group instruction
  • 90 minutes of Math
    • Resources utilized: Eureka Math
    • Daily small group/math stations
    • Algebra for qualifying students (available for HS credit)
  • 90 minutes of Social Studies every other day and 45 minutes on Fridays
    • 6th grade World History, resource utilized History Alive
    • 7th grade World Geography & Kansas History, resource utilized Geography Alive and Kansas Journeys
    • 8th grade US History, resource utilized History Alive
  • 90 minutes of Science every other day and 45 minutes on Fridays
    • Resource utilized, HMH Dimensions
  • 2, 45 minute Related Arts classes
    • 6th grade a semester of Computer Science for Innovators & Makers & Chorus + year of PE
    • 7th grade a semester of FACS, Art, PE, & Computer Science 3D Design & Modeling
    • 8th grade a semester of FACS, Art, PE, & Computer Science App Creators 
    • 7/8 grade Choir, 6-8 grade Band, 6-8 grade Orchestra is also available by choice and serve as year long classes
  • 25 minutes of Advisor Base
  • 8th grade students are able to obtain High School credit for the following classes earning .5 credit each...
    • Career & Life Planning
    • Computer Science App Creators 
    • Design 1
    • Algebra (.5 each semester-students must meet criteria to qualify for class)

Special education services, including Gifted services, & ELL services available to students who qualify or who currently have individual education plans &/or outcome plans.

Chromebooks and some textbooks are issued to each student. Math, ELA, Science and History textbooks are online.

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